Who Said What?

“In my years of practicing Integrative medicine, one thing has become abundantly clear: food is medicine and very few patients know WHAT foods to eat to achieve optimal health. Lynns Life breads/bagels/crackers are immensely supportive in  gut and brain dysfunctions, and helps restore energy levels in an age when food sensitivities, autoimmune issues and chronic illnesses abound. I LOVE eating her foods, the enticing flavors and textures, the aroma of breads baking in the oven, and most importantly, how they make me feel so that I may live my most productive life!"

- Dr Aggie Hewitt, Philadephia, PA

"I can’t say enough about Lynn’s Life crackers, bagels, and bread!! Truly life changing for me! I have crazy food intolerances to all grains, gluten, soy, and dairy, so I hadn’t safely eaten breads, bagels, or crackers for years until, thank God, a close friend introduced me to Lynn’s Life products. Not only do I have ZERO reaction to any of Lynn’s Life’s products, but they are incredibly delicious! And they are not just a bread or bagel substitute, this stuff is better than the original!! I have had the honor of actually meeting Lynn, and the love, passion, and care that she puts into every bag of cracker, bread or bagel mix is absolutely extraordinary! I was immediately able to see and taste why Lynn’s Life products are better than any other paleo/ keto friendly products that I have EVER tasted! It’s insane that anything THIS good is actually healthy and beneficial for me!"

- Gray Gray, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur, Laguna Beach,CA


"I LOVE Lynn's Life breads and crackers; I love baking them...ridiculously easy and I LOVE eating them. I was at my sister's and she had me taste the bread and I screamed...'WTF is this? Omg I get to eat bread, it's seeds and it's healthy!!' I always have a loaf in my freezer and a bag of crackers."

- Beth Handel Weissenberger, Co-Founder of Handel Group


"I made Lynn's Life breads and bagels and they were amazing!! Makes for the best avocado toast!! And so easy to make!!!"

- Joan Z., Scarsdale, NY


"I'm kind of a picky eater but I really can't get enough of Lynn's Life breads and bagels!  Mommy said they are good for me too!"

- Lila M., Linwood, NJ                                                                                                             (3 years old)


"Lynn's Life products literally changed my life! Breads! Bagels! Crackers! It's actually fun to eat now, AND I lost weight ! Obviously made with love and consistently high quality....and easy to make! "

- Lauren Handel Zander, Co-Founder Handel Group