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Question: How many loaves of Yummy Lynn's Life Bread are in each Yummy Lynn's Life packet?

Lynn's Life Answer: Each Yummy Lynn's Life Bread mix makes one loaf (15-17 slices depending slice thickness)


Question: Can Lynn's Life Bagel/Bread be made vegan?

Lynn's Life Answer: YES !!

One very important step that is added to make our product vegan is to GRIND the entire packet of Lynn's Life Bagel/Bread. Then continue to follow the instructions on your Lynn's Life packet.

The ONLY egg substitute that works is Ener G Egg replacement 


Question: Can I substitute liquid egg whites with fresh egg whites when cooking Lynn's Life Bagel/Bread?

Lynn's Life Answer: Yes, you can substitute liquid egg whites with fresh egg whites.  Ensure that the fresh egg whites are whisked well.


Question: Can I substitute egg whites with fresh whole eggs when cooking Lynn's Life Bagel/Bread?

Lynn's Life Answer: Not recommended.  The use of fresh whole eggs changes the texture of Yummy Lynn's Life Bagel/Bread.  It is more dense and does not rise nicely.


Question: My Lynn's Life Bread rose high and then deflated after coming out of the oven. Is this normal?

Lynn's Life Answer: Lynn's Life Bread must be in the oven for 90 minutes at 350°.  Do not open the oven while cooking.  If your Lynn's Life Bread still looses its height do not worry, it tastes just as yummy.


Question: How many Lynn's Life Crackers are made per Lynn's Life Cracker mix?

Lynn's Life Answer: It all depends on how you breakup your Lynn's Life Crackers.  On average you will get 55-60 pieces.


Question:  Are Lynn's Life products Kosher?

Lynn's Life Answer: Yes. All Lynn's Life products consist of natural, organic, GMO- free, certified Kosher seeds. All Lynn's Life products are assembled in our certified commercial New York kitchen and is supervised by Rabbi Shalom Deitsch, of the Chabad of Ridgefield CT .